Rebels ask MPs to back the CEE Bill on final day of Bristol action

The ‘Elephant In The Room’ Photo credit: Simon Holliday

On our final day of action here in Bristol, the theme of the day is “Upgrade Democracy”. We want people and MPs to get behind the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill being taken to parliament, and stop ignoring the elephant in the room.

People all over Bristol have been writing to their MPs to get support for the Bill, and have had their photo taken, both in the street and at home, showing themselves with placards asking their MPs to back the Bill.

Pete Hughes, Extinction Rebellion Bristol Coordinator says:

“When people ask why XR are taking this kind of action, we say it’s to get those in power to listen to the people.

“Mayor Marvin Rees has said that XR is pushing at the wrong doors, that our actions are focused in Labour-held cities. In fact this is happening nationally and it’s not just about which political party has seats. Across the country we are asking all MPs and city Mayors to put their weight behind this bill without delay.

“The Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill can fix this crisis with citizens’ assemblies – a mode of decision making that has worked incredibly effectively in countries like Ireland, Poland and the Netherlands.

“These will allow the people of the UK to find real, radical and democratic solutions to the environmental crises facing the UK and internationally. This is the hard graft, behind-the-scenes legislative work that needs to be done.”

Following yesterday’s nature activities for children, XR Families will be meeting again today, socially-distanced, outside the Arnolfini, running a Samba workshop that children can get involved in. Bring pots, pans, washing up bowls, anything that can be banged!

XR Families create nature crowns. Photo credit: Simon Holliday

Elsewhere in Bristol, Extinction Rebellion’s Aged Agitators will take the message behind the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill to the public, explaining how they can stop their pensions being invested in fossil fuels, factory farming and the arms trade, and invested instead in cleaner, sustainable funds.

A lasting legacy of this weekend’s actions in Bristol could be the permanent closure of Prince Street Bridge to vehicular traffic.

Pete Hughes says:

“We are hopeful that the council will continue to reserve Prince Street Bridge for use just by cyclists and pedestrians. With ten times the number of individuals on foot or bicycle crossing the bridge compared to motorised vehicles, it is senseless that we revert to a 50/50 split.

Today’s events


  • 10am – 11:45am: XR Families – Samba workshop and procession. 10am Meet outside Arnolfini for a 10:30 workshop start.
    Bring saucepan and spoon or improvised shaker if possible, and ear defenders if you want(!).
    11:00 – 11:45am Mini samba procession
    Collaborative artwork: One Drop in the Ocean
  • 12pm – 1:30pm: Music and comedy! Full programme on the stage – in Museum Square by the M-shed
  • 1:30pm: UPGRADE DEMOCRACY People’s Assembly – at the stage
  • 2pm – 3pm: Introduction to XR. Meet at Welcome tent
  • TBC Postcards to MPs
  • 2pm: Finish! Main stage pack down, get ready for Cardiff!


12 pmAged Agitators ‘Clean Pensions’ action to support the CEE Bill – location to be announced

COVID-19 and public safety

All of XR Bristol’s actions are designed to be inclusive, safe and family-friendly, with the movement taking every precaution to ensure the protests adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

All supporters have been asked to come with masks and hand sanitiser, and to observe social distancing at all times. There will also be on-site sanitation stations, extra face masks available, and markings for safe distancing in the main stage area. All gatherings will take place outdoors with safety stewards onsite to support and promote COVID-safety around the clock.

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