Beyond the Fossil Fuel Era

We all deserve a

Better World

Burning Coal, Gas & Oil are damaging all the life support systems on our world

Anyone can understand the physics

And recognise the damage being done

It is now 9 times cheaper to generate electricity from renewable energy sources

Anyone can grasp the economics

We have all the technologies and knowhow to go beyond the Fossil Fuel era

To clean the air in our cities, to ensure fuel and food security for all, that everyone can afford to heat and light their home

Apparently, all we are lacking is “the political will” to make it happen…

This is where YOU can be part of the change

Here are some reminders

of what we are facing and how to tackle the situation, from across the years and across the political spectrum

Joking aside, we are walking into a (climate) catastrophe
Instead of playing the blame game, let’s get on and do it on a war footing
Margaret Thatcher at the United Nations in 1989 – climate activist ahead of her time

What YOU CAN do…

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There is much more to come.

More news soon as we start to roll out our new local strategy for the next 18 months taking in the next two election cycles.

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Meet our Extinction Rebellion Bristol Rebels

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You can be part of our Movement to unite in the greatest challenges of our times.

Watch their stories as you progress through the various pathways below.

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Extinction Rebellion Youth Bristol is the autonomous, climate and social justice focused, youth wing of XR Bristol, for those under the age of 30.

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