Extinction Rebellion Bristol

2023 Retrospective

“It is only when you look back down the hill that you realise how far you have climbed, even if you are still far from the summit…”

At this time in the year it is often worthwhile reflecting on what we have done and the good we have achieved, if only to make the road ahead seem less daunting and give courage for the journey ahead.

Take a few moments to watch these videos from 2023 and feel the spirit rising in you to do yet more into 2024 to build a better world for us and all life on Earth.

And from across the country

If these videos inspire you to join us in our activities and action, then please contact us below or visit our Meetings page for more info on being with other like-minded people.

Did you Join Us in Bath?

for the biggest

Climate, Nature and Social Justice

gathering and protest since G7

See if you can spot yourself in the crowds and jig along to the amazing Pete the Temp in our great video of the event, full of the colour, the spectacle, the passion, the energy & the spirit of change we need.

All the info you needed at https://xrsw.uk/

Welcome to Beyond

The Fossil Fuel Era

Everyone is welcome

Extinction Rebellion is founded on a number of fundamental principles

One of the key ones is that we value reflecting and learning.

Since The BIG One in April 2023, where we gathered so many thousands of souls to fight for our lives, we have been reflecting and learning about that event and what it helps us to do next.

We have done a lot of work deliberating at our open meetings and also hard graft behind the scenes to build our XR Bristol Strategy.

What YOU CAN do…

1. Be inspired by the stories of our Bristol Rebels below, then…

2. Get all the latest insider info from our Newsletter, then…

3. Read our current XR Bristol Strategy, then..

4. Come along to one of our regular Meetings, then…

5. Join a Working Group & take on a role

Come along to discuss and join others to feel the power of joint action.

We hold weekly open meetings and many others for specialist and working groups.

Find out more on our Join Us page.

The BIG One

Read our reflections on this major event

Visit our Previously page for a full report in text, pictures and stats.

There is much more to come. More news soon as we start to roll out our new local strategy for the next 18 months taking in the next two election cycles.

Meet our Extinction Rebellion Bristol Rebels

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things… in unprecedented times.

You can be part of our Movement to unite in the greatest challenges of our times.

Watch their stories as you progress through the various pathways below.

Extinction Rebellion Youth

Extinction Rebellion Youth Bristol is the autonomous, climate and social justice focused, youth wing of XR Bristol, for those under the age of 30.

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