Extinction Rebellion at Oxford Circus with Police cordoned around the boat, #WeAreTheBoat

Our Next Major Action
International Rebellion – UK Action – 7 October 2019

In April we rose up. In Autumn we continue. This time, across cities, countries and continents worldwide. More details to follow – SAVE THIS DATE AND STAY TUNED HERE…

JOIN THE REBELLION: https://rebellion.earth/act-now/join-us/

For information about previous actions go here…

If you canโ€™t join an action, please donate to support the rebels now!

Meetings, More Info & Other Events

To join the movement, come to one of our weekly Rebel Meetings.

After watching the “Headed for Extinction and What To Do About It” Talk (as well as part 2 HERE), attend a Rebel Induction at one of our weekly Rebel Meetings and become part of an Affinity Group. If you have even more availability, you can also volunteer by joining a working group.

To stay tuned for local actions, sign up to the XR Bristol Newsletter by writing to [email protected]๏ปฟ

Other essential trainings include but are not limited to ‘NVDA (non-violent direct action), De-Escalation, Know Your Rights, Self Organising Systems and Arrest Watch’ just to name a few. Stay tuned for future dates over at Events.

For further information about Extinction Rebellion visit our national website: extinctionrebellion.org.uk

XR52 – New Clothes Boycott

#XR52 is a series of direct actions to withdraw our support from industries that exploit people and planet for profit. As part of XR52, since April 30th (just after the pause in the International Rebellion) we began to boycott the purchase of new clothes for a whole year (52 weeks). And on June 1st we descended into the heart of Bristol’s consumer district to Disrupt the Circus of Excess.

You can join us too: take the pledge to boycott new clothes HERE (you’ll also be able to share your thoughts and ideas on which other industries we should target next and how).

What’s Extinction Rebellion About?

Watch “Heading for Extinction and What to do About It”, by Colin and Tom of Extinction Rebellion Bristol.

Climate Change – The Facts

Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary about the climate emergency and ecological collapse.