Extinction Rebellion at Oxford Circus with Police cordoned around the boat, #WeAreTheBoat

Starting on Monday 7th October and continuing for as long as it takes, Extinction Rebellion and allied movements will peacefully shut down Westminster in Central London until the government acts. 

The breakdown of our climate has begun. We’re nearly out of time. Take two weeks off work, bring your family and friends and join us in the streets for a one time only ‘chance of life’. The time is now. 

We across the UK are joining our global family in an International Rebellion as we grieve the beautiful chaotic mass of life that is being destroyed. Find out more

XR Bristol Families at International Rebellion

Join us to meet up with other families, support each other and take part in family-friendly activities!

Your voice will be heard and you and your family will play a part in averting climate catastrophe. Tell your friends to come, and tell them to bring their friends! History is in the making! Find out more

We know animal farming and fishing are leading causes of climate breakdown and ecosystem collapse. We know millions of land animals and trillions of fish are killed every year in an unjust and unsustainable food system. We know we have the power, and responsibility, to stop this. But personal change is not enough. We need system change. Find out more

XR Rainbow Rebellion is the LGBTQIA+ movement within Extinction Rebellion UK. We’re a diverse network, hailing from all walks of life, united in our belief that climate breakdown and ecological crisis is an LGBTQIA+ issue.

XR Rainbow Rebellion invites you – the LGBTQIA+ community – to join us in London for International Rebellion on 7th October. Find out more

The tribes of all Faiths and none, allied faith organisations and the entire South West of England are in movement to gather on Lambeth Bridge because This Is An Emergency.

We will be peacefully shutting down the City of Westminster with thousands of rebels from all walks of life. We are not coming to ask for change, we here to claim change, we are here to be the change.

The time is Now. WE NEED YOU TO SHOW UP! Find out more

What’s Extinction Rebellion About?

Watch “Heading for Extinction and What to do About It” by Colin and Tom of Extinction Rebellion Bristol.

For further information about Extinction Rebellion (XR) and our three demands on the UK Government, visit our UK national website.

Climate Change – The Facts

Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary about the climate emergency and ecological collapse.

Stay tuned for local actions. Sign up to the XR Bristol Newsletter by writing to [email protected]