XR Youth target Bristol Airport terminal

XR Youth, Bristol Airport, March 2022. Photo credit: Simon Holliday / simonholliday.com

On Saturday 5th March, Extinction Rebellion Youth Bristol staged a ‘die-in’ in the departure terminal of Bristol Airport from approximately 12:30pm to 1pm.

Around 30 young rebels entered departures and proceeded to stage a lie-down protest over the proposed expansion of Bristol Airport which was approved by the Planning Inspectorate last month, despite rejection by North Somerset Council in February 2020.

The activists were then draped in white sheets by others dressed in hazmat suits and respirators whilst another spoke through a megaphone, explaining that those on the floor symbolised the deaths caused by the emissions from the airport expansion.

XRYB activist Tom, 17, said:

“Bristol Airport has lied to us – they claim they will be a net-zero airport by 2030 but the truth is that the largest factor, the actual flights, are not included in that. They also claimed to listen to local opinion but ignore the 83% of North Somerset residents who oppose the expansion.

We are taking action today to highlight the damage that Bristol Airport expansion will cause to our planet. As young people, our futures are already at risk – we need to be stopping this crisis, not worsening it.”

This action is part of a long series of protests by various local activist groups who intend to continue campaigning against the expansion.