Our support of the One City Climate Strategy is beyond party politics

Extinction Rebellion Bristol supports the Environmental Sustainability Board’s One City Climate Strategy. We do not endorse any political candidates. Given the Mayoral elections on 7th May, we are aware that it is a sensitive time for Bristol politics and apologise for any language that may have inferred support for any particular candidate. 

Our recent press releases and tweets supporting the Climate Strategy were discussed and written by a committee of Extinction Rebellion members of differing or no political association. We remain ‘beyond politics’, as the climate crisis affects us all, and will require all of society to unite around the common cause. 

It is important to note that the Environmental Sustainability Board is not a party political organisation, but is made up of representatives from the business and charity sector in Bristol, alongside politicians. By endorsing the ambitious targets set by the committee we do not endorse its co-chair, the current Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees. Nor do we support any particular candidate or party in the mayoral election.

We will continue to work with, and challenge, any elected mayor to ensure that Bristol leads the way to carbon neutrality and saving biodiversity in the UK. 

The One City Climate Strategy is not of itself a delivery plan and it remains to be seen how it will be enacted. In our endeavour to secure the future that we have all sacrificed so much for, Extinction Rebellion Bristol supports environmental ambition when it is promised and watches closely to ensure that it is seen through. In this way, we hope to develop a healthy working relationship with Bristol City Council to ensure that the bold words of the Climate Strategy translate into tangible action. 

We, as ever, remain beyond politics and we ask our members to also take this principle to heart as we work together towards a more sustainable future for Bristol, and the rest of this beautiful planet.

Written by the XR Bristol Media and Messaging Working Group