Climbing for the climate: anonymous rebels hang banners on Bristol tower

Extinction symbol and Time is Running Out banners hung on Colston Tower
The extinction symbol and banner reading ‘Time is running out’ hang from Colston Tower

Bristol commuters were greeted this morning by 207 ft-high Extinction Rebellion banners, which were hung late last night atop of Bristol’s landmark Colston Tower.

The banners were unfurled in a daring night climb by local rebels who scaled the outside of the building under the cover of darkness.

Hanging approximately 207 ft above the city’s streets, the extinction symbol now covers the iconic clock face, with another banner next to it reading ‘Time is running out’.

One of the climbers who wanted to remain anonymous said:

“We are climbing for the climate. Climbers are among the front-line observers of climate change. With degrading mountains, dying forests and loss of biodiversity, we have a duty as climbers to speak up and make a difference. Just as parts of the city centre are being choked by illegal levels of air pollution, so are hills and mountains directly affected by global warming.” 

This action has also coincided with the recent publication of Bristol’s radical One City Climate Strategy.

Local rebel, Pete Hughes added:

“The clock really does start ticking now for the delivery of  Bristol’s ambitious Climate Strategy, which is the first of its kind in the UK. And although it doesn’t hit the net zero 2025 target that Extinction Rebellion has set for the government, we applaud the boldness of its vision.

“This climb draws attention to the importance of immediate and urgent action from the UK government to support local councils such as Bristol to make the necessary changes to secure a safe future for residents. We cannot act swiftly enough on the climate and ecological emergency.”

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