XR Carpenters declare rebellion

As part of our growing movement of movements, various professional communities are rising up and declaring their own rebellions. This week members of the growing XR Carpenters group met at Bristol Central Rebels Meeting to discuss their plans for the upcoming rebellion.

The XR Carpenters declaration:

In the face of the existential catastrophe looming over us we feel there is no alternative but to engage in actions of large-scale civil disobedience. This has been demonstrated throughout history as the quickest way to achieve the radical change we need.

We carpenters know there is so much our industry can contribute to rapid decarbonisation. From low emission building materials and techniques, incorporating renewable energy into the design of every new build and improving our older properties with super efficient insulation. We can work to build a more sustainable and regenerative future.

But we can’t tackle a problem of this size alone, we need all groups across society to work together to tackle the climate emergency and that means government action.

Otherwise the homes we build for families will be flooded, the roofs we put up will be damaged by superstorms and the trees we rely on for timber will burn in forest fires. 

That’s why this October we will be focusing our energy on the Rebellion, because our Government and corporations need to act now. They haven’t for the last 30 years and unless we stand up for ourselves, our children and everyone else they won’t until it’s too late.

If you’re a carpenter and want to join the movement, find out more and join the XR Carpenters Facebook group.