Why We Exist

Justice on climate and ecological issues is not achievable without social justice and these injustices stem from similar sources. XR Bristol is aware that the urgency and nature of our work means that there are issues with its inclusivity at times and we are keen to do all we can to grow and mitigate these problems.

What We Do

We’re learning how to be increasingly inclusive and accessible to all. We share our learning with XR Bristol circles and activities so they can improve their practice. We create resources that support others to improve accessibility and inclusion at XR Bristol meetings, actions, events and in our communications. We guide, educate and, at times challenge others to leave their comfort zones to create inclusion and accessibility.

Who We Need

We encourage everyone to get involved. We only meet twice a month so there is scope and value in being involved in another working group alongside Inclusivity. Those with particular knowledge, skills and lived experience of this area are especially welcome.

Get involved

If you’re interested in participating please email XR.Bristol.Inclusivity@protonmail.com

When & Where we meet

🗓 Fortnightly, variable day/times

📌 For Zoom link please email XR.Bristol.Inclusivity@protonmail.com

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