Why we Exist

The Communities and Outreach Working Group builds communities within XR Bristol and beyond. We reach out to local neighbourhoods to raise awareness of XR and the climate and ecological emergency, and to find out how we can work alongside local communities. By addressing social barriers that stand in the way, we work to make XR truly representative.

On a UK level, Communities and Outreach also connects professionals like Scientists for XR and XR Farmers, and Faith Groups like XR Muslims and Christian Climate Action.

What we do

Our main focus so far in 2020 has been engaging with groups in areas that are not usually engaged in discussions on the climate. We’re getting involved with campaigns like the Hartcliffe bus campaign to provide free public transport for young people in Bristol. We’re also supporting rebels who want to take part in door knocking, running stalls and talking to the public in other ways.

Who we need

Anyone who’s friendly! The best way to engage people is to get out there and have a conversation. We’re also looking for people who are happy to help support our outreach work behind the scenes, like managing our stall and flyers and helping us map the groups and streets we’ve talked to so we don’t double up.

Get involved?

Email [email protected]

When & Where we meet

🗓 Monday evenings 6pm – 7pm

📌 For zoom link please email: [email protected]

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