Who we are

The outreach working group is all about communication. We tell the truth about the climate crisis and also the solutions! We try to build public awareness of Extinction Rebellion and let people know that change is coming. We also build links with other like minded organisations to help us focus our efforts on common goals. The climate and ecological emergency demands that we come together and work collectively – outreach is here to make that happen.

What we do

  1. Get the message out – flyers, posters, graffiti, reverse graffiti, projecting, stalls, events – whatever we can do to increase awareness of the climate crisis in the public consciousness.
  2. Dialogue – we face the public as stewards and communicators at XR actions and protests. We aim to have meaningful and compassionate conversations to engage people.
  3. Collaboration – XR is part of a much larger ecosystem of groups working towards a net-zero world – we make links with others with shared goals and try to foster shared working.

Who we need

You! If you are passionate about communicating the climate crisis, reaching out to others, having meaningful chats, making an impact on our streets with beautiful artwork or anything else outreach, we want to hear from you!

Get involved?

Email outreach.xrbristol@protonmail.com

When & Where we meet

🗓 Every Thursday at 1-2pm

📌 Online via zoom – for link please email: outreach.xrbristol@protonmail.com

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