Why We Exist

Affinity Groups (AGs) are small, motivated groups of rebels who team up to support each other on actions. Organising ourselves into AGs helps XR to be a powerful, interconnected network. The aim of the newly formed Affinity Group Support team is to help AGs form, and provide information to AGs.

What We Do

We will be organising a series of talks at XR meetings as well as producing online content. We will offer a programme of Affinity Group formation workshops and follow up with ongoing support for the newly formed AGs.

Who We Need

We need all hands on deck! We’d love to hear from anyone who has the time and energy to get involved.

Get involved

Email ags.xrbristol@protonmail.com

When & Where We Meet

🗓 AG support network meets on Friday evenings 6pm-7:45pm.

🔗 Online vía zoom

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