Always follow health advice

Please ensure you always follow NHS guidelines and stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Support your local community

In these difficult times supporting vulnerable people in your community is more important than ever. If it’s safe to do so, use this guide to help build your local community and support the vulnerable and elderly people around you. The guide is built on one rebel’s experience of doing this on their own street. These QueerCare guidelines give advice on how to leaflet safely.

We’ve designed a flyer you could post through the doors on your road as part of building a community and offering help to those who need it.

Download a PDF of the flyer

Download the flyer as an editable Word document

To get pre-printed leaflets delivered to your door, email

Join a Mutual Aid group

If you have more capacity to give support, please join a Mutual Aid group.

You can find your closest in this Bristol Cable article or sign up to give / receive support here.

Stay connected on WhatsApp

For some friendly chat and human connection, join our Bristol-wide WhatsApp support chat.

Give and receive rebel support

If we support each other, we are better equipped to support everyone in the wider community. Register online if you would like to give or receive support to other rebels.

Help / support includes:

  • Picking up shopping or urgent medical supplies
  • A friendly chat / a listening ear
  • Dog walking
  • Anything else

Give and receive support to help people access food

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting how people access food, and impacting food businesses and their employees.

The Bristol Food Network website features resources for those who need support during this time, as well as ways you can help others and support local, independent food producers and retailers.

If you are able to do so, volunteer with FareShare as a Warehouse Assistant or Driver to help sort and deliver food to vulnerable people throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Volunteer to help vulnerable people through Bristol City Council

Neighbourhoods and communities are giving vital support to people affected by COVID-19.

This page on the Bristol City Council website give details on how you can help others, where you can make a donation and how to stay safe when you give or receive help.

Join our online meetings

Rebel meetings will be held online at the normal times. You can find all the details for both rebel and working group meetings, as well as instructions on setting up Zoom here.

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