🦋 10 ways to get yourself ready for International Rebellion

International Rebellion nears. We’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do to prepare yourself for London.

1. Pledge your time and skills

Starting on 7th October for two weeks, we’ll join the International Rebellion. Together, we’ll peacefully occupy the centres of power and shut them down until governments act on the climate and ecological emergency.

We need everybody, now.

Time is running out. We’re almost at the point of no return.

The governments are doing nothing. Big businesses are doing nothing.

This isn’t a distant apocalypse. People all over the world are suffering and dying right now.

Whole species are going extinct. And it’ll only get worse.

The time to act is now.

Join us by pledging your time and skills.

2. Book your XR coach ticket

The Rebellion nears. Buy your XR coach tickets from all corners of the UK.

Our vision is that rebels can travel down to the Rebellion together – picking up rebels across the UK, networking, building momentum, community and comradery – whilst en-route to the single largest act of civil disobedience in support of our Earth that the UK has ever seen.

To get all of you wonderful rebels to London to join with your comrades we have organised coaches from all corners of the UK, stopping at key locations and scheduled to arrive in London late-afternoon on Sunday 6th October.

Don’t despair if your coach is full. Extra coaches will be booked as we fill the existing ones.

We recommend you buy your tickets as soon as possible so we can book enough coaches for everyone.

Book your coach

For rebels with disabilities for whom coach travel isn’t possible please apply for subsidised rail transport.

3. Sort out your accommodation

Find your tent or request somewhere to stay

Lots of Bristol rebels will be camping at the We Are All Crew site, where there will be a:

  • a kitchen serving two hot, wholesome meals twice a day
  • a wellbeing tent, which will provide ‘sanctuary’ for burned out or overwhelmed rebels
  • a big crew of calm, capable stewards on hand
  • compost toilets
  • hand washing facilities

We’ll mostly be heading up on Sunday 6th afternoon, so there will be camping on Sunday evening. Watch this space for more info.

Find out more about the site

If you’re unable to camp and need accommodation either before or during the International Rebellion, fill out the request form.

4. Attend your weekly rebel meeting

Make sure you head to your local weekly meeting for a final chance to connect with fellow rebels, find out the latest plans and ways you can help during the Rebellion. We have meetings in North, South, Central and East Bristol as well as Student and Elders meetings.

Find your local meeting

5. Get trained up

Check out our online and Bristol based trainings leading up to International Rebellion.

6. Sponsor a block of the Rebellion

We’re entirely dependent on donations from our supporters. We’re currently fundraising to build a unique and artistic stage structure for our occupation site in Westminster.

Money raised here will go towards making our time in London as beautiful, creative, disruptive and unforgettable as possible.

In April, we snuck a giant pink boat emblazoned with the demand ‘TELL THE TRUTH’ into Oxford Circus. Symbolising a life raft out of the climate and ecological crisis we face, rebels attached themselves to her using super glue and lock-ons to secure the location. After 10 days she was confiscated by police, prompting the viral hashtag #WeAreTheBoat.

This time, we are going bigger and we are staying longer. But we need your help.

You can support us by sponsoring a building block.

7. Tell everyone you know

Let’s get personal. Stories that people can relate to touch hearts and give others the confidence to be part of the International Rebellion.

The most powerful and effective thing you can do right now to get everybody into London from 7th October is tell people why you’re going and why we need them too.

Choose a picture with your family, friends, your dog, and/or doing something you love (or record yourself). Add some words about the moment you realised you needed to be there on 7th October and why. Or say it in a short video. The more personal your story is, the better, as others will be able to relate to it.

Share the result on your feeds (social media and messaging apps too), using the hashtag #EverybodyNow and help us spread the word by tagging us:

  • On Facebook, tag @ExtinctionRebellion @XRebellionUK and @ExtinctionRebellionBristol
  • On Instagram, tag @extinctionrebellion @xrebellionuk and @XRBristol
  • On Twitter, tag @ExtinctionR @XRebellionUK and @XRBristol

8. Read our Action Consensus and Rebel Agreement

If you are planning to take part in non-violent direct action with Extinction Rebellion you must read and abide by our Action Consensus.

The Rebel Agreement is a precis of the Action Consensus in the form of a flyer that reminds rebels of our basic agreements.

9. Download Telegram and join the broadcast channels

Effective communication is key to making decisions during a rebellion. We’ve decided to use Telegram for the International Rebellion broadcast groups only. Telegram will also allow us to take mass polls.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, join all relevant broadcast groups:

Note: Telegram, WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, SMS/MMS messages, mobile voice calls, FaceTime audio and video calls, Zoom and Skype are not secure and should NOT be used for sensitive communications. In particular, sensitive communications for planning, AG’s, A&L and Coordinators. For security, Signal messages only should be used. Only ProtonMail to ProtonMail emails are secure. Please see Secure Communications for Rebellion for further guidance.

10. Pack and go!

Leave your desk. Invite your boss. Walk out of school. Switch off the TV. Put down your phone. Get on the streets. Bring everybody.

The time is now.

Head to ‘We Are All Crew’, where XR Bristol, XR Wales, Rebels from the Welsh Marches, XR Farmers and Rainbow Rebellion (LGBTQIA+ Rebels) will be joining forces. See the We Are All Crew site information for a site map.

The site will sit right in front of the Home Office and the Department of Transport for two weeks. See you on the streets!