Arms and the environment

  • The use of arms is environmentally devastating, on top of the cost to human life.
  • An estimated 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions are a result of the global military, more than all civilian aviation.
  • War destroys the environment as seen in Iraq, where the war was responsible for 141 million tonnes of carbon releases in its first four years.
  • The trillions spent on arms each year could be used to address the climate crisis.
  • Therefore XRYB will be targeting arms companies and those that fund and support them.

The University of Bristol

An armed university

  • The University of Bristol is tied to many arms companies such as Rolls Royce, Thales and BAE Systems in funding, research and careers.
  • The University encourages graduates into the arms industry through its careers service and accepts PhD funding from arms companies.
  • It has accepted at least £12 million from arms companies in the last 7 years and  over £500,000 for ‘consultancy’ services rendered.


  • The University is partnered with arms companies that directly or indirectly supply arms to be used against Palestinian People.
  • These include GE Aviation, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems.
  • The University continues to receive funding from companies complicit in the atrocities committed in Palestine.

We demand that the university of Bristol cut all ties with arms companies.

This means:

The University must immediately end all promotion of arms related careers

UoB must commit to no new research partnerships with companies that produce arms

Boycott Barclays

Barclays has billions of pounds in stock in many arms companies, as well as even more in loads and underwritings.

Many of the companies that Barclays has ties to are selling arms and parts for arms to Israel in the ongoing genocide.

According to data obtained by Profundo in 2022, Barclays holds £1,300,688,880 in shares of companies whose weapons, components, and military technology have been used in unlawful violence against Palestinians. In addition, Barclays provides £3,977,214,000 in loans and underwriting to these companies.

Change your bank NOW if you bank with Barclays!

Take action

Sign these petitions…

to demand the arms trade out of education, here and here.

Support other campaigns for Palestine

And get involved in their protests and actions. Look at Palestine Solidarity’s list of events for Palestine in Bristol.

Get involved

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