An Evening with Gail Bradbrook

Some big THANK YOUS…

Firstly, thanks to everyone who did an amazing job of getting the room ready in time and to all who attended, either in the room or on Zoom. 

Thank you to the XR Bristol Food Crew who provided such wonderful nourishment that was universally appreciated.

Thank you to all those who attended, who made it possible to happen on the night, and most of all to Gail Bradbrook for a landmark talk on some hugely important topics, handled with immense knowledge from extensive research, deep compassion, and enormous self-deprecating humour.

We must acknowledge that aspects of this event stretched some of our organisational and technical capabilities, as well as our individual and collective abilities to assimilate so much material.

Some Follow ups

This was a tough talk and challenging Question & Answer session, and was so full of material it was a struggle to take it all in whilst in the moment on the night.   

But, XR is all about the science and telling the truth, and that is reflected in the immense response we have had to the talk and the huge amount of feedback we have received – thank you to all who contributed so fully and frankly.

Here is what the respondents thought about the overall event:

And here is what training you said you would like:

And most importantly, the follow up you want:

And you can see we can tick off three of those with these links.

Here is the recording of the talk

Here is a link to the presentation material and 

Here is a link to some extra materials to read and watch to 

But this is just the start…

There is still more to come, starting with Anchor Circle on Monday 6th March, where representatives of other XR Bristol Circles meet, we will be working out the best way to follow up for all of us.

So, a final thanks to Gail who gave such a thought-provoking talk and here’s to it helping us to galvanise into action for The Big One and beyond.

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