Dirty Water Bristol

We say we won’t accept Dirty Water

Our waterways are the veins of our country, home to an incredible number of species and habitats.

But our clean water and biodiversity are being sacrificed by politicians and water companies who see our rivers and seas as nothing more than a commodity to be exploited. 

Through weak policy, lack of funding and lack of enforcement of legislation water companies, intensive agriculture and other polluters see our waterways as commodities for exploitation and are allowed to get away with pouring contaminants onto our land and into waters.

And all this at a time when we desperately need our rivers and coastal waterways to be as healthy as possible, as the ravages of global heating on water security and biodiversity and become terrifyingly obvious.

We cannot afford this any more.

That’s why XR is acting to mobilise people across the UK to “come as you are”, either through your own motivation that is not associated with any activist group, or through a special interest group, such as Surfers against Sewage or Wildlife River Protection, and sadly so many more.

Everyone from across the UK was invited to join the first national day of action on January 28th 2023 to highlight the appalling state of our waterways, rivers, and seas due to government regulatory failure and profit-grabbing industries.

As groups working for positive social change and climate justice, we are a broad and diverse ecosystem, but one thing we all know: we can’t afford this any more. 

Action is needed now

Our Government needs to hear this message loud and clear, and we will be stronger together.

On Saturday 28th January 2023 Extinction Rebellion groups around Bristol joined forces to expose the disgusting state of some or our rivers because of government inaction.

See how concerned citizens in the form of a Mermaid, Synchronised Swimmers, a dog and several Doctors and a paddle boarder battled a giant floating poo and Jacob Rees Mogg lookalike.

How can I find out more?

Email us at XRBristol@proton.me

Keep an eye on the Dirty Water Telegram Broadcast for all the latest news

Or if you are local to Bristol and want to be involved in the activities, click here to join our XR Bristol Signal Chat

We very much look forward to being with you and commemorating something historic!

The Dirty Water Campaign is part of our preparation for The BIG One from 21st April 2023.

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