Animal Rebellion

Life on Earth is in crisis. We’re in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making. And time is running out.

We know animal farming and fishing are leading causes of climate breakdown and ecosystem collapse. We know millions of land animals and trillions of fish are killed every year in an unjust and unsustainable food system.

We know we have the power, and responsibility, to stop this. But personal change is not enough. We need system change.

From 7th October, thousands of animal rebels will engage in non-violent civil disobedience to peacefully occupy key sites across London to force the government to address the destruction caused by the animal farming and fishing industries, and take urgent action against the climate emergency.

It’s time to act now

We need to act now for the animals. For the planet. And for future generations. It’s time to rebel.

By turning out in vast numbers, by holding strong throughout the night, by risking arrest, by bringing attitudes of peace and care not just towards animals, but to even those in the industry who are victims under our society’s toxic system, we’ll spark conversations across the globe and win the hearts of the public. In doing so, we’ll force the government to recognise that it must take action and move to a plant-based food system.

Occupation sites

Our first site is Smithfield Market, London’s largest and most historic meat market. We’ll be demanding the government transform Smithfield to a fruit and veg market that can serve as a hub for a thriving plant-based food system.

Our second site will be located in Westminster, and we’ll announce it in the coming days.

What will be happening

We’ll meet at Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London, at 11am on Monday 7th October, where we’ll hold a mass training in nonviolent direct action (NVDA) to make sure everyone is mentally prepared for the Rebellion. We will then march to Smithfield Market, where we’ll occupy the site to boldly share our vision of a future plant-based food system.

We’ll be occupying the space overnight and we strongly encourage as many people as possible to stay overnight throughout the Rebellion. Having a strong, consistent presence will be key to holding our sites and having our message heard.

The Rebellion will be a whirlwind of collective action, community-building and self-development. There will be an array of social and festival activities, training and entertainment hosted in different locations across the site.

There will be singing, there will be space to grieve for the animals whose bodies lay within Smithfield, and there will be moments of joy as we unite under the vision of the world we’re striving to build.

We’ll need all hands on deck to pulling off this Rebellion. We’ll invite you to use your strengths and join a volunteer team that plays an essential role in making the Rebellion a success. That could mean different things for different people, from cooking up a storm for your fellow rebels, to broadcasting the event on social media, or perhaps even engaging in higher-risk civil disobedience, such as a lock-on or a strategic flash mob. There’s a role for everyone.

After some time, rebels will move from Smithfield to the as-yet-announced Westminster site. The timing of this move will be determined collectively during the Rebellion itself by considering the strategy of the overall Rebellion.

Facilities and services

We’ll provide water, food, hand-washing facilities and toilets on site. Other facilities such as phone-charging facilities are yet to be confirmed. First-aiders will be present at all times.

For those who are unable to camp and need overnight housing during the Rebellion, there will be limited housing granted on a needs basis. We’ll prioritise people with disabilities and special needs. To request housing please fill out this form

How to prepare

  1. Clear your calendar and rally your friends! Take time off work so you can be a part of this incredible moment in history, and reach out to those around you and ask them to join the Rebellion with you. The time is now to ensure we take the action we need to end the climate and animal emergencies, and we need everyone who can to take action with us.
  2. Get together the supplies you need. Think along the lines of a pop-up tent (there won’t be much terrain for pegs), a warm sleeping bag, a torch, comfortable shoes, a range of clothes, including warm layers and wet weather gear, sunscreen, a water bottle, snacks, toiletries, a power bank for charging your phone, and so on.
  3. Get trained in non-violent direct action. We ask all rebels coming to the International Rebellion to be trained in non-violent direct action (NVDA). If you haven’t had NVDA training before, look out for upcoming “Preparing for a Peaceful Rebellion” training Animal Rebellion’s Facebook events page and any “Non-violent Direct Action Training” events on Extinction Rebellion’s website. You can go to either an Animal Rebellion or Extinction Rebellion training. If you’re not able to get the training before the Rebellion, please take part in the mass training on the afternoon of Monday 7th October (we’ll publish details closer to the date). If you’re still not able to make that mass training, there will be NVDA trainings held on site throughout the Rebellion.
  4. Get connected with Animal Rebels near you! Find your nearest local group and join in their actions. Check out the full list of UK Animal Rebellion groups

This is going to be a time like no other. So grab your tents, grab your friends, take time off work and let’s rebel together.

Location Details: Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London, at 11am on 7th October.

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