Affinity Groups

What is an Affinity Group?

In XR an Affinity Group (AG) is a group of Rebels who support each other throughout their journey as rebels. 

AGs are like friendship groups, or a support structure. Rebelling can be hard, sometimes physically and often emotionally, you need people around you who can hold you throughout what’s coming.

You get to know each other, share ideas about XR and wider climate and environmental issues, plan actions together, perform action together, go to larger events like the full scale Rebellions together, and throughout it all you are there to share, listen and learn from each other. 

The ‘affinity’ part could mean anything that unites the group. This could be where you are from, what you care about, what kind of action you are interested in taking or it could just simply be that you like each other and want to make a difference together!

How do I join an Affinity Group?

If your interested in getting involved with an Affinity group, there are a few options:

Tell us you want to join an Affinity Group

Let us know you’re interested by filling in this form on Action Network. We’ll get back to with information about AG Formation Workshops or other opportunities to get involved.

Join an existing Affinity Group

If you know some rebels in an AG who are looking for new people to join, you can ask them! AGs are informal things, so feel free to simply ask around rebels you know, or at local rebel meetings.

Start up a new Affinity Group

If you have some friends who want to form an AG, give yourselves a name, nominate a point of contact and contact the AG Support Network via: to let us know you’ve formed a new AG.

Learn more about Affinity Groups

More information on Affinity Groups, like what they are and how they organise and what they do, can be found here.

Alternatively if you still don’t have the information you need, get in touch with the Bristol Affinity Group Support Network on this email address and we can try to answer any further questions you might have!

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