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10 ways to get yourself ready for International Rebellion

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To the British Government, we declared a Climate and Ecological emergency.

You did nothing.

To everybody else, rebel!

10am, 7th October, central London. See you on the streets!

Everyone is invited. And we need you to invite everyone. Whether you are already a Rebel or a supporter from another movement, take 2 weeks off work and join the rebellion.

What the International Rebellion is about

Its time to act on the truth. Read the full briefing including information on accessibility, transport and how to volunteer to help the Rebellion.

The purpose of the International Rebellion is to use mass participation civil disobedience to shut down the UK Government, for as long as it takes, to achieve the real emergency action needed to tackle the crisis. 

Despite paying lip service to the emergency, the Government has ploughed on with business as usual. Its sought to shirk responsibility onto young people and future generations by offering a net zero target so distant its a death sentence. Its tried to silence the nations fears with a toothless Citizens’ Assembly condemned to make recommendations only. Its continued to pump billions into fossil fuel subsidies whilst ignoring young peoples cries. 

But the collapse of our climate and ecosystems has begun. 

Wildfires are ripping across the arctic. Ice is melting at speeds never thought possible. Deadly heatwaves are crippling countries around the world. Scientists express their panic daily. 

We have to tell the truth: were out of time. 

In April we tried disrupting business, but this time, as the crisis escalates, we must disrupt the state itself. Through non-violent mass disruption of culturally and politically significant sites, emotional sacrifice, and symbolic occupation we will overwhelm the Government and Police to create an impossible dilemma. Keep arresting thousands upon thousands of rebels, or take emergency action to implement our three demands

Across these islands, and around the earth, Extinction Rebellion has become a phenomenon. We are growing rapidly every day. Allied movements are now joining our strategy of joyful non-violent rebellion. This International Rebellion is our best chance yet. We must prepare to win. This is an emergency.

Take time off work if you can, come and do what you are able to. There will be something for everyone to get involved with, whether its arrestable actions, making food, handing out flyers, arrestee support, and many more things. Come to weekly meetings for more info and for training ahead of the rebellion. JOIN US for REBELLION!

There are many ways to help create this rebellion that dont directly risk arrest. If you are ready to be part of our support network in October, we need you. Everyone is crew.


If you cant join the action in London, please donate now to help send rebels to London. Thank you!

Local Training

Do you need training before you go to London for International Rebellion? Check out our list of local training courses.

Get involved

We’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do to get yourself ready for International Rebellion.

Find out about the We Are All Crew site that we’ll be hosting in London.