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We have a WhatsApp broadcast channel that is used by our Coordination Circle to send announcements to the full group. These include meetings, actions and opportunities.

Only admins can speak, so don’t worry about spam!


To get involved with XRYB, the best way is to come along to one of our general meetings – they are open to anyone under the age of 30. From there, you can hear about upcoming actions and events, meet other young rebels, contribute to discussions and get involved with a working group. We’re a nice and friendly bunch of people and anyone new is more than welcome to come along!


XRYB is comprised of three different working groups (WGs). Each WG is responsible for a different aspect of what we do. The groups are:

Actions & Arts

Organising youth/youth-led non-violent direct action and creating artwork (including banners, placards and flags) for our actions and events.

Media & Messaging

Organising press, photography, videography, posting on social media, monitoring our email account and deciding how we portray ourselves and how we get our message across.

Regenerative Culture

Organising regenerative events and social events for XRYB, and creating a culture of resilience, health and wellbeing.

Each WG has a Coordinator who is democratically chosen by the rebels in the WG.

The Coordinator’s job is to organise WG meetings (outside of general meetings), represent the WG in the XRYB Coordination Circle and to other XR and XRY WGs, resolve any issues in the WG, organise WG meetings and be the primary point of contact for the WG.

XRYB also has two Internal Coordinators and two External Coordinators.

The Internal Coordinators are responsible for organising XRYB general meetings, for resolving issues within the group and for working with the WGs to help them achieve what they need to.

The External Coordinators represent XRYB to other groups, both within and outside of XR and XRY, including on the XR Bristol Anchor Circle, as well as helping the WGs.

Both Internal and both External Coordinators are a part of the XRYB Coordination Circle.

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