XR Bristol Families

XR Bristol Families at International Rebellion


Join us to meet up with other families, support each other and take part in family-friendly activities!

Your voice will be heard and you and your family will play a part in averting climate catastrophe. Tell your friends to come, and tell them to bring their friends! History is in the making!

*HAVE YOU DOODLED? Please use this Doodle poll to let us know which days you will be with us.

*Select ‘going’ or ‘interested’ on the tab above, and use the ‘share’ tab to spread the word!

*The Bristol Families hub will be on Marsham Street in Westminster, on the ‘WE ARE ALL CREW’ site with XR Bristol. Check the map of all the sites.


  • To see if we can match your needs with a host family in London, PM 07939 578 717 your name, dates, number of people and put your phone number in the message.
  • To arrange Airbnb shares with other Bristol Families and bring down the cost, make contact on the dedicated WhatsApp channel.
  • Camping in stewarded area with other families in St James’s Park at the Trafalgar Square end. Details below.

Camping information:

Family camping spot is in St. James Park, next to the Mall, opposite the Police Memorial.

October camping can be cold and wet so bring lots of things for warmth! You will need to bring your tent, warm sleeping bag, warm clothes, a lantern, plates and cutlery, flask and water bottle. The rebellion has a no-disposables policy so these things will not be provided. There’s a suggested kit-list in our full briefing for the rebellion.

We will have two compost toilets on site and the Institute of Contemporary Arts has offered their bathrooms during opening hours. There will also be a phone charging station.


Three meals a day, snacks, hot drinks and drinking water, loos, main stage, info point, welfare tent etc on the Bristol site in Marsham St, thanks to WONDERFUL XR volunteers who are beavering away right now to make this AMAZING experience happen for all of us! Watch out for the pink tractor…

*OTHER SITES close to the Bristol site in Central London will include the Extinction Rebellion Families site on the Mall, with a full programme of brilliant activities and child-friendly actions.


  • Liftshares: join this WhatsApp channel chat to offer spaces going to and from London, or to find rides on the days you need:
  • XR Coach tickets to get you to London for the start.
  • For Rebels with DisabilitIes for whom coach travel is not possible please apply for subsidised rail transport
  • Day return coach on Saturday 12th October for XR parents/carers and kids! Depart Bristol 8am, depart London 5.30pm. Max ratio 2 children per adult.
  • Search ‘split rail tickets’ to bring down the cost of rail travel. Tickety Split or other options are available.


The ‘We Are All Crew’ site will be under cover and we are working hard to make it into a cosy and well-resourced space that will be relaxing to spend time in with our kids. There will be a programme of acts and activities, but it is also a space for us to check in with each other and support each other. Expect some ‘outreach excursions’, where we take our kids out to experience London’s wonderful museums and parks, as we fly our flags and spread our message!


  1. Do you know any storytellers, kids’ entertainers or anyone who would like to run a kids activity or workshop? We are particularly looking for people on the weekend of 12/13 October but any other days would be great too. Put them in touch with us!
  2. Do you have any books or good quality (non battery operated) toys you could donate?
  3. We’re also looking for COMFY STUFF (cushions, RUGS, bunting etc.)

Join the XRBF Oct Lon activities WhatsApp group to offer up your swag, share ideas and get involved!
If you absolutely can’t face a WhatsApp group, message 07830 739 373.

Will be situated on the Mall, and will share info about their exciting programming, which will all happen between 11.30am and 6pm. Families from all parts of the UK will also have the opportunity to join together in family-friendly actions!

*Add yourself to this ‘We Are All Crew’ Telegram channel now to stay up to date and get info on the ‘We Are All Crew’ (Bristol!) site BEFORE and DURING the International Rebellion.

*Latest overall briefing and FAQ from XR on the International Rebellion.