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Regenerative Culture & Wellbeing roles

Regen External Coordinator

This role involves facilitating the relationship between the regen working group and other groups within XR.

The role involves:

  • Attending coordinators meetings to ensure regen is represented in decision making
  • Being point of contact for other WG coordinators, national regen, etc
  • Liaising with internal coordinator to make sure Bristol-wide decisions are fed into the working group

Time required: 0.5-2 days/ week

Arrestee Support Coordinator

Arrestee support exists to support people through the lifecycle of a civil disobedience action, from contemplation to conclusion of court processes. So far only post-arrest support is established, with more to be established.

The role involves:

  • creating a framework within the XR Bristol network which ensures adequate support preparation and post arrest care for all rebels
  • facilitating the creation of a regenerative arrest culture within XR Bristol which enables supporters and arrestees to work together to achieve the aims of XR
  • coordinating post arrest liaisons (phone based buddies for arrestees
  • liaising with national arrest welfare (who are very supportive)

Wellbeing Advocates Coordinator

Affinity groups have wellbeing coordinators, a role that involves overseeing the wellbeing of the group and advocating for regenerative practices. We are hoping to also get some regen advocates in working groups.

This role involves overseeing the network of these roles, facilitating communications and delivering training.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • maintaining up to date records of affinity group wellbeing coordinators and working group regen advocates
  • maintaining communication channels between the working group and wellbeing coordinators and regen advocates
  • facilitating training for wellbeing coordinators and regen advocates

Listening Circles Facilitators


  • co-host regen XR café space
  • co-facilitate listening circles and emotional debriefs (both regular ones and those specifically requested)
  • arrange times and venues, promotion.

Time involved: 3 hours per session including preparation time. The aim is to build a pool of people who can facilitate flexibly on rotation.

Regen Trainers and Workshop Facilitators

We’re looking for facilitators or trainers for regen activities. The role will involve:

  • developing new workshops or running already developed workshops
  • arranging times and venues and promotion

Workshop/ training content might include:

  • mindfulness
  • emotional debrief
  • nature connection
  • compassion
  • embedding nonviolence
  • inclusivity, yoga
  • holistic therapies
  • arrestee emotional support
  • conflict transformation
  • listening circles

For any of the above Regenerative Culture & Wellbeing roles please contact: [email protected]

Literature Distribution role

With new rebels joining the movement everyday, its vital that they understand and inform themselves of the key theories of change and the principles which Extintion Rebellion is based on.
The Literature Distributor is a key role in mass mobilising and getting these works into the hands of rebels throughout Bristol!

Role Requirements:
– Sales of key texts at Rebel Meetings and fairs/events throughout Bristol
– The ordering of books from publishers
– Stock control and accounting of book sales
– Enlisting Rebels for book reviews to go onto the website and XR Newspaper
– Source books for book clubs and working groups
– Moderate the Literature Distribution email account
– Recruiting rebels to join the Literature Distributor role at the various meeting points (East, North, South, Central) in Bristol

Time required: 2-3 hours a week

Contact: [email protected]

Rebel Ringing roles

WHAT: Rebel Ringing is XR’s phone bank drive.

Rebel ringing is key to the XR movement’s building strategy as we look to get 100,000s of people to act now and hit the streets in rebellion.

Rebel ringing is the phone bank wing of XR. This is where our rebel ringers call up XR supporters to encourage them to become more informed and engaged in the movement. One personal conversation is worth a hundred emails!

Rebel ringing is a proven, grass roots, personal way of reaching our supporters. And it can be a great experience to connect with your fellow rebels all around the UK. 

These sessions are perfect for anyone new to rebel ringers or those with some experience.

The drop-ins offer full training and support – we’ll have everyone ringing and having fun by the end of your visit. Let’s ring together now!

TIME COMMITMENT: Come to a drop-in phone bank session for as long as you can – 30 minutes, an hour or 5 minutes just to get signed up.

The sessions run on:

  • Mondays 6.30pm to 9pm. For the first half an hour we have a bite to eat and do a general meet and greet
  • Thursdays 10:30am to 1pm

Sign up

Contact: 07742 698619
Sessions take place at: Deben House, Lawrence Hill, Bristol BS5 0BY

Fundraising campaigns person

WHAT: This is a new role and isn’t yet totally defined but should be a lot of fun. We need to more closely connect the Fundraising and Finance working group with the Media and Messaging (M&M) working group. This role will do that by (probably) working across both groups to represent fundraising needs within M&M and work with them to create funding opportunities.

The focus of this role will likely be project-based: crowdfunders and online campaigns, targeting specific donors for specific funding needs. You’ll get the opportunity to work with filmmakers, social media and arts and others within XR.

Any experience of fundraising would be great, but not necessary. Most important is being creative and able to find fundraising opportunities everywhere!

Contact: Speak to James for more info: [email protected]

Fundraising outreach person

WHAT: There is scope for XR Bristol to bring in regular donations (minimum £50 per month) from some of our wider support base to provide regular income. This role would explore and follow up opportunities to meet and contact potential regular donors, and provide channels for them to give.

The role suits someone proactive and with good connections in Bristol, especially within green and environmental circles. You must be confident about communicating and networking, and passionate about XR Bristol with a strong knowledge of who we are and what we do.

Contact: Speak to James for more info: [email protected]

Political Working Group Administrator

WHAT: We need an awesome administrator to help XR Bristol with coordination. You need to be an inducted XR Bristol rebel and able to attend the Monday evening Political Working Group meeting, where you’ll take and update the minutes. 

You’ll also help group members to use Basecamp, so it’s important you’re familiar with it and are confident supporting others.

WHEN: Monday 6-8pm for meetings and admin tasks through the week. Together these make up about 5hrs per week.

Contact: [email protected] for more information.

Fundraising Events Coordinator

The Fundraising and Finance Working Group is looking for a Fundraising Events Coordinator. The role will involve planning and organising XR Bristol fundraisers on a (semi) regular basis, and providing support and advice to rebels who want to organise their own fundraisers (either for XR Bristol or for their Affinity Group). No experience required, but a background of events planning would be of benefit. Links with local venues/bands/caterers etc. would also be a bonus. 

Contact: [email protected] if interested, or speak to James at a Bristol Central meeting.

Red Brigade support team

The Red Brigade is looking to recruit a support team to accompany and chaperone them on actions. This would include:

  • providing actions wellbeing
  • providing food and water for Brigade members
  • stewarding
  • liaising with the media
  • liaising with the public, police and security personal as needed to make sure our presence is peaceful and non-violent presence 

The support team wouldn’t be a part of the Red Brigade, but could have their own uniform or dress code in the spirit of the Brigade. 

This role could suit an affinity group volunteer who is looking to be involved with actions where there’s a low chance of being arrested. 

Contact: [email protected]

Hosting Team Organisers

WHAT: Want to be part of the team that organises our awesome weekly Rebels’ Meetings? Then this is the group for you! We’re looking for rebels who can help liaise with other Working Groups to ensure that weekly meetings meet their aims and who can be on-hand to help with the set-up of spaces for weekly meetings. If you’re comfortable facilitating workshops or meetings then that’s great too, but by no means essential. As we grow as a movement, the need to organise effective meetings is going to become more and more necessary, so you’ll be making an important contribution to XR’s success.

WHEN:  2-6 hours per week which might include;

– attending Working Group Meetings on Mondays (6pm);
– follow-on action points from meetings including liaising with other working groups, facilitators, and scheduling activities;
– helping to procure materials etc. for activities at Rebel’s meetings;
– finding venues that will accommodate the wider Bristol XR group as we grow;  and
– helping with set-up and pack-down of 1+ weekly meetings per week.

Contact: If you’re interested in the above Hosting Team role and being at the heart of the beautiful organism that is XR Bristol, then email [email protected] and come join the Hosting Team.

Welcome Team roles

Welcome Team

Subgroup of the Hosting and Integration Working Groups.

WHAT: Every week, we’re getting lots of new people in through the doors of our weekly meetings. We need some lovely friendly people whose role is to welcome them into the space as they first arrive…to say hello, give them a leaflet, point them in the direction of the food table and loos, and maybe link them up with other new people and check in with them before they leave. It’ll be fun! Come and get involved.

WHEN: Weekly meetings (North, South or Central) – need to arrive ten mins early.

Welcome Team Coordinator

Subgroup of the Hosting and Integration Working Groups.

WHAT: Every week, we’re getting lots of new people in through the doors of our weekly meetings. We need someone to recruit and organise a Welcome Team of lovely friendly people who will welcome new people, say hello, make them comfortable and oriented and maybe link them up with other new people and check in with them before they leave. This is a crucial role and we really need you!

WHEN: Approx. 30 mins of prep per week plus attendance at your preferred weekly meetings (North, South or Central) – need to be able to regularly arrive early to the meetings.

WhatsApp Wonders

WHAT: XR Bristol’s WhatsApp news broadcasts and local area chats are a great and easy way for rebels old and new to find out about events and actions, keep in touch with each other and organise local actions and outreach activities together. 

We need people with Comms skills, at least some knowledge of XR Bristol key information (or where to find it!) and a smartphone to post key information among the groups and help to answer any questions that arise. 

It’s easy, it’s vital, and it can be fitted into small chunks of time through the week. There’s also a sense of satisfaction in helping people get the information they need.

WHEN: 1-2 hours per week, either all at once or spread out during the week.

WhatsApp Media Representative

We’re also looking for someone who can fulfil a WhatsApp Admin role (see above!) but also represent the WhatsApp Team in the Media and Messaging Working Group.

WHAT: This would entail looking after a handful of local WhatsApp groups, which would take about 30 mins a week plus occasional meetings, and then attending some Media and Messaging Working Group meetings to keep up to date on strategy and upcoming content.

WHEN: 1-2 hours per week, either all at once or spread out during the week.

For any of the above Welcome Team roles please contact: [email protected] for more information.

Media and Messaging roles


We’re looking for confident rebels who can talk to the media on behalf of XR. No previous experience or training is required as we will be holding training sessions in the runup to October’s International Rebellion. We’re especially keen to build a list of spokespeople that represents the diverse mix of people in Bristol, so please get in touch whatever background you are from.

We’re always interested to hear from people who have expertise in a certain area, such as ecology, climate science, transport or agriculture, but equally if you are simply passionate about Extinction Rebellion and are able to calmly and confidently explain our aims and demands we’d love to hear from you.

Videographers and Photographers

We’re always looking for videographers and photographers to create content for sharing on social media and with the press. Whether you love to create snappy videos for Instagram, take photos at the heart of the action, or work on longer documentary pieces, we need it all. You will work with the Media and Messaging Working Group to come up with ideas, and alongside other videographers and photographers in the team to share photos, footage and skills to produce content.


We’re looking for someone to train rebels and in social media and talking to the press at evening rebel meetings. Working with the wider Media and Messaging group, you’ll create and deliver workshops.

For any of the above Media & Messaging roles email: [email protected] for more information.

Newsletter Editor

This role will be about communicating all the exciting news in both our regional XR and wider, national news + developments. There are templates available to help you and a Media Team to support you.

Contact: [email protected] to find out more.

Social media roles

Social media working group (x10)


EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: If you have experience with the above platforms (or others where we can have presence), and have time available to help, we need you to grow the Rebellion.

TIME COMMITMENT: From a couple of hours a week up to full time roles.


  • Create, curate and post content following overall story telling strategy, scheduling posts using buffer, Hootsuite or equivalent platform so that they can be proofread by coordinator or designated person
  • Post events (information generally comes over email), and then promote events over each platform
  • Attend to XR Bristol events to take photos, videos and live streams
  • Monitor and reply to public comments when appropriate
  • Reply to private messages and signpost people when necessary – Reply to emails and signpost appropriately
  • Manage Facebook groups, designing systems to allow them to fulfill their purpose
  • Reply to emails and signpost appropriately
  • Monitor twitter and news for important news that we need to react to
  • Ask those who’ve interacted with our posts to like our pages

Social Media Influencer Outreach (x2)

This role is for those who have a keen eye on influential people out there on socials. To make an ever-growing list of groups, pages and individuals who we can connect with on social media and can help us get the word out. Then, contacting them and keeping up relationships. You’ll be good at talking to people, clearly communicating your asks to them and be confident, with an air of professionalism with well known people.

For any of the above Social Media roles please contact: [email protected]

Political circle roles

We’re looking for people to get involved in the working group, including:

  • helping with co-ordination and administration
  • linking with other working groups
  • linking to Rebel meetings in Bristol Central, South and East
  • getting involved with our projects including Citizens’ Assemblies, Local Authority Climate and Ecological Emergency liaision, Divestment Campaign
  • liaison with local MPs

We meet on Monday evenings from 6-8pm. You should also be available to represent the group at Rebel meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays about once a month. And you’d need to be able to do a few hours project or admin work most weeks.

WordPress developers

Do you have WordPress development skills? We need experienced WordPress theme developers to join our team of coders.

If this sounds interesting, email: [email protected]

It doesn’t matter how much of your time you can offer, it would be great to hear from you.

Adding signed-up rebels to our database

This role involves joining a team of volunteers to enter information given on the new rebel sign-up forms into our database.

Contact: [email protected] for more information.

Communities & Outreach roles

Youth, Local & BAME Community Groups connection making (x3)

Researching + bringing on board youth influencers in Bristol and local community groups like Made In Bristol/bcfm/ujima. Also to contact the 100 most influential BAME people in Bristol, one of which is already on board!

You’ll be about keeping up relationships, a friendly point of contact and confident in communicating the movement and how they can help.

Stalls Coordinator

Stalls are a great way to get the word out. We run stalls in different locations and would like to run other regular stalls. This requires a couple of people to choose locations, set up the stall, talk to members of the public about the ecological crisis and XR. May also involve liaising with postcode coordinators to facilitate stalls in local areas.

3 hours per week. Could do more depending on time and enthusiasm.

Flyering Coordinator

To work with the other Flyering coordinator, organising and advertising flyering sessions aimed at community mobilising, advertising events/talks etc. May involve working with postcode groups to facilitate flyering in their local area. Could also involve working with members of the Arts group and other Communities group members to design/produce new flyers.

3 hours per week. Could do more depending on time and enthusiasm.

Door-knocking Coordinator

Organising and advertising door-knocking sessions aimed at community mobilising. May involve working with postcode groups to facilitate door-knocking in their local area.

3 hours per week. Could do more depending on time and enthusiasm.

Student Coordinator

To work with other Student Coordinators, to assist with liaising between XR Bristol and XR student groups. This role will also involve helping to recruit more students and advertising/facilitating student actions. Likely to involve liaising with other coordinators e.g. Youth/Talks/Stalls.

3 hours per week. Could do more depending on time and enthusiasm.

Youth Coordinator (x2)

Not all students are youths and not all youths are students! This will involve advertising and helping to plan Youth Strike days, as well as other activities to spread the word among young people.

3 hours per week. Could do more depending on time and enthusiasm.

For any of the above Communities & Outreach team roles please contact: [email protected]